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Building scans & 3D reference models


Welltown Brewery | Tulsa, OK

Understanding what you need starts with knowing what you have.

Using advanced scanning technology, we take pictures and points of every surface and element within the building and provide you with a 3D point cloud model and photographic record.

Document your as-built conditions for all of your buildings.

No matter what the building use, we capture the whole building to deliver simple, affordable references and design files so you know exactly what you have.

Web-based, fully immersive
3D buildings.

The browser-based virtual tour features an advanced content management system for adding and managing geo-tagged information like images, cut-sheets, audio/video, etc. that enables you to explore, interact with and measure scanned spaces as if you are on site.

The information you need,
in your timeframe.

Because we are owned by architects, we understand what information you need and how it will be used. We integrate different data sources to give you all of the information you need within your deadline. Need above ceiling information? No problem! Just need the front office scanned? No job is too small. Have thousands of SF and multiple locations? We can handle that too.

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