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Digital Twinning

Digital Twinning

A digital twin of the building combines the whole-building reality capture and information about building systems and features in one easy to access place, saving you time and headaches.

GreenLight 360 combines data from mobile mapping, terrestrial laser scanning, drone photogrammetry, additional photos, and information about your systems and building features to create accurate digital twins of your buildings. This can be especially helpful when you’re managing a maintenance or remodel program.

If you need to send someone out to perform maintenance on part of the building, you can easily set a marker within the digital twin to send them directions to the exact location of the issue. You can also ask your maintenance personnel to add notes about when the last time maintenance was performed so you can see at a glance what needs to be done.

We host the digital twin in the IndoorViewer powered by NavVis, giving you access to all of your building’s data from anywhere.

– Photo Credit: NavVis

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