Virtual Design & Construction

Virtual Design & Construction

Better Documentation, Better Project Coordination.

Need to verify construction progress and as-builts? We can help you document your construction process more efficiently. Our scans provide a single source of truth, so when problems arise, all stakeholders can coordinate and problem solve with the right information.


Eliminate Errors By Comparing 3D Scans

As a project progresses, we can scan each phase of construction so you can compare your 3D scan to the original plans. This is particularly helpful for sites with distributed project teams in various locations throughout the country. 3D construction recording ensure the equipment and fixtures will fit the first time.

Safer Information Gathering

Recognizing the importance of job site safety, our mobile mapping and terrestrial laser scanning can capture images of difficult-to-access areas with fewer lifts, in less time. This reduces some risk for construction observation personnel.

The ability to proactively check your measurements from each construction phase gives you peace of mind during the hectic construction schedule. Each scan during the construction recording process is uploaded to the GreenLight Portal with a date stamp, so you can check progress against your drawings as the project progresses or go back at the end to verify what’s now hidden.

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