Need an as-built for your next remodel? A 3D laser scan will make your life a lot easier. Whether you need as-built drawings for your upcoming remodel or takeover or want to make your life easier by housing all your building and systems data in one place, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Whole building reality capture

Are you the type of person who wants all the information at your fingertips? Whole-building reality capture provides a detailed 3D representation of your building, rendering precise as-built drawings and offering detailed analysis for more in-depth building evaluation.

Using cutting-edge technologies like photogrammetry, mobile mapping, and traditional scanning, we capture your entire building from top to bottom, inside and outside. Based on the information we gather, we create a point cloud that responds to your outcomes.

Scan-to-BIM, Scan-to-CAD

Do you need more precise as-built drawings and models? Our scans interface directly with AutoCAD® and Revit® (as well as other software platforms) and close the loop with reliable accuracy and complete contextual information.

Builders and architects looking at plans.

Virtual Design and Construction

Have you thought about outsourcing your construction as-builts? Our services not only provide efficient progress recording, but they also gather and compile verified inspection information and help solve complex measurement problems and coordination snags.


Building Accessibility Surveys

Does your building have accessibility problems? Sometimes, it’s hard to know. Without a comprehensive survey, your team will scramble to work reactively instead of proactively.

GreenLight Portal

Do you need a better system to organize, access and review all of your building data? We offer data hosting to house all of your building(s) data points—including systems data—so you can easily refer to your most recent inspections and installations.

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