Are you looking for a company to provide 3D laser scanning for your next project? We’re here to help. Whether you need your building scanned to create as-built documents for your upcoming remodel or takeover, or you’re looking to make your life easier and house all your building and systems data in one place, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Whole-Building Reality Capture
Whole-building reality capture provides a detailed 3D representation of your building to create accurate as-built drawings and higher level analysis for more in-depth building evaluation.

Using a variety of the latest tools and technology available, we’re able to capture your entire building from top to bottom, inside and outside. From the information we gather, a point cloud is created.

Scan-to-BIM, Scan-to-CAD
If you’re looking to gather accurate information more efficiently for your as-built drawings, we have a solution for you. Using the information gathered during a scan of your building, we can provide accurate as-built information in Revit or AutoCAD.

Construction Recording
Do you have a large construction project that’s beginning? We can help you more efficiently record construction progress, with fewer site trips. Your team will be able to see updates from one scan to the next as we record different stages of construction.

Building Accessibility Surveys
Do you have a building with accessibility probelms? Sometimes it’s hard to know. Without a comprehensive survey, your team will be reacting instead of planning for the future.

GreenLight Portal
Do you need a better system to review, analyze, and collect data about your buildings? We offer data hosting to house all of the information about your buildings from current conditions including all of your systems to the last time your equipment was inspected.

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