GreenLight Portal


Access Critical Resources from Anywhere

The GreenLight Portal is a single source of truth for you and your team, accessible online at any time. Share media, 3D tours, project deliverables, and resources effortlessly and securely.

Aligning your internal team with all project stakeholders sets everyone up for better coordination and efficiency. A single, easily accessible source of information means all the moving parts stay coordinated and on schedule—whether it’s a new build or remodel; one site or hundreds.

Your Online Project Dashboard

Our cloud-based system stores information from various sources; we can embed YouTube videos of your project, virtual tours, links to relevant websites, and any building plans and documentation we create for you. All this on one platform and one web page so you aren’t stuck digging through your emails for the right links.

Hosting Options Tailored to Your Needs

At the beginning of your project, we’ll work together to determine how long you need your information accessible in the GreenLight Portal. Whether it’s a few months or years, we’ve got you covered—and don’t worry, your data is backed up and archived for the life of your project.

If your work involves multiple sites, projects and/or a large volume of data, the GreenLight Portal is highly searchable, so specific information for clients and consultants doesn’t get lost in the pile.

You can also control who has access to your project information. If your team changes for any reason, simply add new members or remove access from those who no longer need it, keeping your information confidential.

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