Press Release


Press Release

New Company GreenLight 360 to Streamline the Way Building Data Is Gathered, Accessed and Used

Tulsa, Okla. — GreenLight 360 announced today the launch of its building scanning services that enable owners, designers, and contractors to quickly pinpoint the exact building data they need without returning to the building site or sifting through unmanageable amounts of raw data. Recently founded, GreenLight 360 is an evolution of Andrew Brister Architecture and Visualization, PLLC (ABAV), a Tulsa, Oklahoma architecture and building survey company started by Andrew Brister.

“Architects and building owners need to quickly and remotely reference building data they can trust to be accurate. The problem is traditional scanning services inundate them with overwhelming amounts of unrefined data, slowing down their work. GreenLight 360 optimizes and packages building data in a way that provides immediate access and usability,” said Brister, who transitioned to GreenLight 360 as Director of Operations.

GreenLight 360 uses sophisticated spatial positioning technology to create a point cloud data set, a high-precision 3D reference model, and a 360 walk-through of a building’s exterior and interior. These assets serve as a digital twin of a client’s existing building. GreenLight 360 hosts its clients’ building data in the cloud for optimal access, which can be especially useful for clients with a large portfolio of properties. The data can also be delivered in formats useful to architects, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) models and CAD files.

Because Brister is a licensed architect, he understands what architects need from their building data — and how to deliver it in a way that supports all aspects of their work, from property assessments to creating compelling client presentations.

“GreenLight 360 gives you only the information you need, exactly how you need it, so you can get down to the business of designing,” said Brister. “It’s data with context.”


About GreenLight 360

Founded in 2019, GreenLight 360 provides relevant and highly useable digital building data to building owners, their design team, contractors and other stakeholders. The company is owned in part by SGA Design Group (SGA), based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. SGA is a leader in national architectural programs, prototype development & management, architectural forensic analysis and sustainable design.

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